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About us

This is Me, Sohaib

This idea started when my interest was more in baggy or funky-style clothing. Then I bought from 5 or 6 different places even from online Brands. Then after some time, I went to Landa bazaar with a friend and there, I liked a shirt which was made in the UK and I bought it. And after two or three days I took it out to wear it, pressed It and wore it and then I realised that its quality is very good. Compare to those I bought here from Pakistan. And I thought maybe, in Pakistan, baggy clothing wasn't a trend, and quality was a rare sight. I couldn't ignore these important Points. Because I had 5 years of experience in the business field and, how to build a brand.  That's why I didn't stop myself. and, I dove into the world of clothing, researching on and on for months. I explored every nook and cranny of the industry, studying fabrics, printing types, designs, and trends. But my quest didn't stop there. I decided to visit the factories myself, to witness the magic behind it all. During those factory visits, I learned about options and prices. I wanted that export quality, the one I believed in. They warned me it would be expensive, but I was determined. I had a vision. However, the price they mentioned is astronomical. I did not give up hope. I continued my quest visiting factory after factory for Three months. The story was the same, quality issues, quantity restrictions, and high prices. With this newfound insight, I delved deeper. I researched designs, trends, and our competitors. I began creating my unique designs, pouring hours into making them funky and creative. 6 months passed, and everything was ready name, logo, designs, theme, but the manufacturer was not found. After 1 month of working on a manufacturer, finally i found a manufacturer who shared our vision- to bring funk to Pakistan. My mission is clear: to provide the coolest, baggiest clothing, all while delivering top-notch quality, at the Best Prices. SF isn't just a brand; it's a passion, we're here to redefine fashion in Pakistan, one baggy outfit at a time, join us on this funk-filled journey, and let's make the streets of Pakistan our runway!


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